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What is AEM?

AEM is the abbreviation for Algeria English Meeting which is an organization based on regular meetings that offer a platform for the English community in Algeria to improve their language, meet new people & learn new vocabularies in a fun way.

How did we start?

We started our organization fundamentally by collaborating with Adana English night in Turkey but eventually, we’ve become independent & we launched our own projects and concepts: AEM coffee meetups, AEM hangouts, AEM Kids, Better circle and Alone e-meetups

What do we do?

We emphasize on giving our participants the space to practice their English through plenty of fun activities & competitions that allow them to enhance their level.

What is our goal?

We highly believe that our program & meetups can help people to upgrade their English level by allowing them to communicate & to overcome their fear of speaking in front of the public

Who can benefit?

Everybody is welcome to join us, we are here to help everyone who wants to improve their English language & their public speaking skills

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